Hidden Camera Reveals Cruel Man Dumping His Pup In The Middle Of The Road With His Bed

Hidden Camera Reveals Cruel Man Dumping His Pup In The Middle Of The Road With His Bed

A driver going about his business in England was shocked to see a tiny Staffordshire terrier curled up in a dog bed on the roadside on an extremely cold night.

The man knew he had to help the pup find his way to safety, so he brought him to a vet office nearby. It wasn’t long before RSPCA got on the case, and they were able to check some CCTVs near where the pup was found to see what happened – and what they saw shocked them.

The surveillance camera footage showed a man getting out of the shotgun side of his vehicle, holding a dog bed while he led the pup on a leash across the road. He then removed the leash, left the pup on the bed, and hurriedly dashed back into his car, which started up and began to drive away almost immediately.

The pup, meanwhile, ran after the car in distressed, horrified and leaping at the window of the vehicle begging not to be left behind.

The heartbreaking scene showed the pup’s obvious sadness and distress at being abandoned. For now, the pup has been named Snoop and moved to a private kennel, where he’s being cared for and receiving all the love he wants – which is a whole lot of it! He’s very playful and a huge affectionate sweetheart, so it’s unfathomable that anyone could throw him out like that.

Meanwhile, the RSPCA is working on investigating the people who abandoned poor Snoop. The pup seems to be around 2 years of age, and the RSPCA are eager to hear anyone who may know who the two individuals who dumped Snoop are.

If you have information, contact Inspector Natalie Perehovsky online or at 03001238018.

Images & Feature Image Source: RSPCA

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