Hilarious German Shepherd Wakes His Dad!

Hilarious German Shepherd Wakes His Dad!

Gustav, the German shepherd has the habit of waking his dad in the morning. And not just at any random time he wakes up – no way! Gustav wakes his dad every day around 6:30 am like clockwork!

What’s so special about 6:30 am you may ask? Well, if you are Gustav, it’s breakfast time and a good dog never misses a meal! Gustav sees it as doing his dad a favor – he never needs to set an alarm because no matter what, Gustav’s stomach will know exactly what time it is!

Here, Gustav shares the wake-up-dad technique that he uses every morning.

Continue Reading And See The Video Of Gustav’s Wake Up Call Technique Here!

There’s no way you could sleep through that alarm and there is no snooze button!

Watch the video below to see Gustav waking up his dad!

Feature Image Source: Gustav Wollner

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