Hilarious Video: Dogs Chase Men In Squeaky Shoes!

Hilarious Video: Dogs Chase Men In Squeaky Shoes!

A group of dog lovers have found a way to attract dogs! These guys wore squeaky shoes at the dog park!

This awesome gizmo is perfect for dog lovers who are having trouble getting their furry buddies’ attention! All you have to do is walk, run, or make any kind of movement really and you’ve got every dog’s attention.

Prankster Jack Vale and the guys at JStuStudios teamed up to prank dogs and answer a simple question: What would happen if you went to a dog park wearing shoes that make noises like squeaky toys?

They attached squeakers to the bottom of their shoes and set out to find out what the dogs thought. These guys definitely caught the dogs’ attention but it’s the reactions of the humans that make the video so amusing!

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Watch the video below to see their funny reactions! These dogs are smitten!

Feature Image Source: JStuStudios

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