Hilarious Video: Yellow Labrador Jumps On Trampoline!

Hilarious Video: Yellow Labrador Jumps On Trampoline!

Labbies are really game for anything – especially if it involves being active and silly! The Lab’s human sister loves jumping on the trampoline and she encourages her furry sister to join in and jump with her, and with true Labrador enthusiasm the fun-loving dog climbs up the steps and joins in on the fun!

The lab takes a moment to get the right momentum down, but within seconds she has the hang of the trampoline and the little girl and her best canine buddy proceed to have lots of jumping fun together!

The best part is seeing the look on the fur kid’s face. She looks so proud of herself that she’s jumping around like her human sister.

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This is yet another example of how great it is to grow up with a dog. No matter what you’re doing, they are there to do it with you and be your best friend every step of the way. We give this fur kid credit for figuring this out so quickly too!

Watch the video below to see the Labrador having fun on the trampoline!

Feature Image Source: Kyoot Animals

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