His Chair Matches His Mom’s And He’s Very Pleased About It

His Chair Matches His Mom’s And He’s Very Pleased About It

Dog parents know the struggle of trying to work around a clingy dog very well. Lindsay Dyer loves her dog, don’t get her wrong, but her dachshund mix, Franklin, was getting in the way.

Franklin is a good-natured dog and loves spending time with people and his cat brother, Bagheera. His mom loves to cuddle with him, but there’s a time and place for everything.

Dyer currently works from home on a gray wingback armchair. While others would realize that she needs time and space, Franklin ignores all the signs. He just wants to cuddle. Luckily, Dyer was able to find a solution.

She was browsing IKEA during her time at home and found a matching child chair. She thought this would be perfect since he would appreciate having his own chair. Since it was during the pandemic, she had to wait for the place to open back up, and when it did, she got the chair immediately.

She brought it home and immediately Franklin was drawn to it. She had placed his favorite stuffed toy on it and his face immediately lit up! It’s now his favorite spot in her office and he loves it very much.

His cat brother has also fallen in love with the chair and watching them share it is one of the most adorable sights. While they may bicker and fight sometimes, they both know it’s difficult to sleep without each other and have seemingly made a truce.

Images Source: Lindsay Dyer

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