Homeless Man Couldn't Stop Tears After Reuniting With Pup He Thought He Had Lost Forever

Homeless Man Couldn't Stop Tears After Reuniting With Pup He Thought He Had Lost Forever

Lee, a young homeless man living in Leeds in England, is just 24 years old. His life had never been easy, but recently, it took a turn for the worse.

The 15th of January marked a bad day on the streets where Lee lived, beneath a bridge. At the time, Lee’s pup, Crystal, who is 2 years old, was taking a nap. A loud fight started in the area, and it shocked Crystal awake. Frightened, she took off running and didn’t return.

Lee was heartbroken and thought he had lost everything, worrying she had been stolen. Crystal is his most beloved companion. He tried to find her, but wasn’t able to. Luckily, that’s when Helping Hands got involved. The local charitable organization stepped in to help Lee’s search, and it wasn’t long before hundreds throughout England were helping to find Crystal. They hung up posters for her and kept their eyes open.

After a whole agonizing week full of anxiety, a farmer sent in a report that he had spotted and managed to catch the pup! It took a while for Helping Hands to locate Lee again, but when they did, he couldn’t wait to see his pup again.

When the pair were reunited, Lee broke down in tears and Crystal excitedly rushed up to him, tail wagging, licking his tears away. She then settled down to cuddle on his lap and Lee tells her how much he missed her.

Lee’s story has touched the hearts of many around the country. Helping Hands has provided him with some supplies, and among these gifts is a leash that Lee can use to ensure Crystal never goes missing again. None of this measures up to having his best friend back, but it sure comes pretty close!

Feature Image Source: Helping Hands

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