Homemade Tennis Ball Bombs Can Be A Serious Threat To Your Dogs

Homemade Tennis Ball Bombs Can Be A Serious Threat To Your Dogs

Before bringing your pup out on a walk, remember that if you plan on playing fetch, it’s best to bring your own ball or toys along.

And if you don’t, then don’t pick up any random tennis balls you see lying around. It could be a bomb. The 4th of July is often a time of experimentation with backyard pyrotechnics, which can be extremely dangerous to those conducting their experiments. However, this year it’s been taken a step too far, as people are rigging tennis balls and turning them into firecrackers and bombs.

These tennis balls will then be left out on the road for people to find. An innocent animal has already been lost to these horrible acts of violence. A man from Portland was walking his pup when he saw a tennis ball lying on the ground. Naturally, he assumed it was fine, so he picked up and tossed it around for a brief game of fetch. But after a couple of catches, the ball exploded in the pup’s mouth, resulting in fatal injuries.

Take a look at this video

These balls have been spotted all over the country, so if you see some lying around, check for signs that shows the ball has been tampered with. If you see a seam indicating it has been cut open, or if there are fuses or holes in the surface, avoid it at all costs and contact the police. Do share this to spread awareness of this awful trend.

Feature Image Source: AMCTV

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