How A Mistake While Grooming Turned Out To Be The Best Haircut Ever!

How A Mistake While Grooming Turned Out To Be The Best Haircut Ever!

A lot of female dogs get fussy about their appearance but Butter isn’t one of them. She’s 6 years old and her usually wiry coat and scruffy do match her laid-back personality.

Her mom, Fernanda Montufar describes butter as a silly chilly dog. She lays in bed all day, but once in a while she’ll get up and make a scene when she’s ready for her meal.

Butter wasn’t always like this. She had it pretty rough growing up in a dumpster with the rest of her siblings. Though the family already had two dogs, they fell in love with Butter and they had no choice but to make her an addition to the family. That fortunate meeting landed Butter her forever home and gave her a new life.

A part of that new life included regular grooming, but, since COVID restrictions were in place, her mom decided to DIY her haircut. She was looking extra scruffy and it was almost summer. Butter was desperately in need of a little TLC. But no one said her mom was a professional and the haircut did not turn out as expected.

Things went wrong from the very beginning when Montufar noticed the razor was on the wrong setting! She had to compensate for her mistake by trying to even out her mistake. Butter sensed something was wrong but didn’t react. Instead, she stood stick and showed support by licking her hand.

When the haircut was done, Butter didn’t look like Butter but she had a huge grin on her face. She was super into her new hairstyle and even got a new outfit to match (which she eventually chewed off). The world needed to see her new do!

Though different, the short haircut was ideal for the hot Texas weather and Butter couldn’t be happier!

Images Source: Fernanda Montufar

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