How Ava Found Her Forever Home

How Ava Found Her Forever Home

A month ago, Ava was one of the saddest dogs in Home County Animal Shelter, North Carolina. She had a good life before she was left there, but her owner had suddenly given her up. She was heartbroken and thought the rest of her life was going to be miserable.

A worker at the shelter, Kristi Pylant, shared that Ava was clearly traumatized by this change in her life. She made it her duty to help Ava overcome her fears and in time they became friends.

Though she was still devastated, the help from Kristi and the rest of the staff had a noticeable impact on Ava. She was less fearful and regained some of her confidence. But, she didn’t know things were about to change again.

A few weeks ago, Ava met the people who would change her life for the better. They visited the shelter and immediately fell in love with her, and her with them. This was the start of her journey to her forever home and Kristi and the rest of the staff were so happy for her. She was finally going to get the love and attention she deserved.

Ava didn’t leave without thanking her old friends. Before she left, she gave Kristi her paw as a show of gratitude. Ava knew her time there would have been miserable without her hard work and patience.

It was not too long ago that the world Ava knew crumbled around her. Now, she has started to rebuild with people who want nothing but the best for her. Congratulations on finding your forever home Ava!

Images Source: Hoke County Animal Shelter / Kristi Pylant

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