How Can A Small Difference In A Medial Prescription Be Fatal To Your Dog?

How Can A Small Difference In A Medial Prescription Be Fatal To Your Dog?

We all deeply love our dogs and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for them, especially during the harsh times when they get sick. Just a small difference in a prescribed medication and the one used can make a huge difference, sometimes a difference with not so happy outcome.

The following story about Carter family’s beloved Labrador Bailey who was diagnosed with diabetes in November 2016 is to help us pay more attention to what medications we take and give to our dogs.

The Carters took their dog to a vet and were prescribed the Novalin N insulin to help them ease Bailey’s condition. When picking up the prescription, the pharmacist suggested them to take the Novalin R instead. The Carters were unaware that there was any difference between the two medications and were reportedly told that this medication would work just fine to manage Bailey’s condition.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know that the Novalin R insulin was not as long-acting as the prescribed Novalin N, meaning that Bailey’s blood sugar spiked every day before his once-daily dose of insulin. Bailey’s health was weakening and after another visit to the vet a few weeks later, the family found out that the used medication seriously affected Bailey’s health. Sadly, their beloved fur baby passed away in February 2017, leaving the family with three children heartbroken. The Carters have filed a lawsuit at Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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