How Fostering Can Help You Discover If Your Dog Needs A Sibling

How Fostering Can Help You Discover If Your Dog Needs A Sibling

George, our Shih Tzu, was an only dog a few years ago, but that all changed when I followed a friend to rescue a foster dog. During the visit, the sweetest dog came and sat by my feet. She was a bit shy and I knew I wanted to bring her home, but I decided to sleep on it.

In less than a week, I took her home and we officially adopted her a month later. This way, we were sure George would benefit from having a sibling. Now, George enjoys being a sibling to Sara and Sara couldn’t be happier. While I don’t know her exact breed, her mom looks like a Rat Terrier mixed with a Chihuahua, and her siblings look like Cocker Spaniels. She’s a real beauty.

About Sara

Sara was rescued by MaeDay Rescue in Los Angeles in April 2015. I like to watch her rescue video now and then. She lived in a garage where she was neglected and looked nothing like the other dogs. I’m happy they were all rescued.

Best Friends

They say opposites attract, and this is so for George and Sara. George is more dominant while Sara is naturally submissive. George is older and has lost most of his sight and used to get separation anxiety at the groomers. With Sara around, he’s much calmer.

Sara shed a lot while George doesn’t, so I’m glad I only have ½ the vacuuming to do. Sara is also very alert and barks whenever someone approaches the door. George on the other hand only barks when he wants to come in, or when he wants something.

Their Laws

Dogs have their own politics and laws. They can sort things out together so they live in peace. For instance, the second day Sarta was here, she went wild when we were playing fetch. George didn’t like that and got in her face twice. Now, she doesn’t want to play fetch again, and I keep out of it! He likes ordering her around.

The point is, they can work things out on their own, and even though things aren’t perfect, they make it work. So before you adopt a new dog, try fostering first to see how well they fit.

Image Source: Julia

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