How Something As Simple As Being Indoors Can Improve A Dog’s Life

How Something As Simple As Being Indoors Can Improve A Dog’s Life

There’s nothing wrong with a dog living outside. Many dogs prefer being outside anyways, but for Sundae it was quite different.

She had lived in a junkyard her whole life, and the only indoor experience she had was a frigid garage. It was a miserable living situation, but luckily she was rescued by Country Roads Animal Rescue Society in Oklahoma. Sundae is a Coonhound/Labrador Retriever mix and had recently given birth to a beautiful litter, however, she was not treated well.

The first time she had a warm bed was when she went to live with her foster mom, and her expression of relief proved she finally felt safe. She had only been with the family for a week, but her time there has been extremely pleasant. She had great manners and was potty trained.

Her foster mom, who we know as Mugglequeen from her Reddit username shared that her sweet personality was partially the reason for her name. She was also named Sundae because of the chocolate, vanilla, and caramel colors on her face. Sundae’s favorite place is her bed, but she also loves cuddling with her foster mom and showing how grateful she is for being in her care.

Although she is nearly eight, it is clear that she rarely had medical care and this is the first time she was given dental work. She even had heartworms, but now she is being properly cared for, as are her puppies.

The hope is that they will all find forever homes soon, with chill families, who are patient enough to wait for her to come out of her shell. Till then, she will stay with Mugglequeen who has vowed to give her the best care in the world.

Images source: Mugglequeen / Reddit

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