How This Adorable Pup 'Helps' His Mom Is Going To Make You Laugh Out Loud!

How This Adorable Pup 'Helps' His Mom Is Going To Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Kelly Dent was all too glad to loan a medical walking boot that she wasn’t using to Susan, one of her friends. Before going to work one morning, she left the boot on her porch so Susan could collect it.

At around 4 o’clock, Kelly returned to find the boot gone, which made sense to her – Susan had probably already gotten it. But then, she heard her doorbell ring and Susan was standing there, asking for the item in question!

Kelly and Susan began to search around, trying to figure out where the boot had gotten. Who could have decided to steal a boot, just like that? They decided their best option was to review security footage.

Through the videos, they watched the stray cats who came by to snack on the kibble that Kelly leaves for them. They saw the UPS delivery officer, who had left a package for Kelly. And that’s when they saw the thief!

At some point, Finnie, a pup who just moved in next door, walked up to the porch, sniffed around, then grabbed the boot and dragged it off! Kelly and Susan headed to the neighbor’s and thankfully found Finnie’s Dad chilling on the porch.

They showed him the footage and he laughed, saying that his wife had worn one before, so Finnie had likely thought it familiar and decided to bring it to his Mom!

When Kelly went to take the boot from Finnie, he seemed a little concerned, but she reassured him with pets and his tail went back to wagging very happily. Now, the pair are close friends, and Kelly regularly gives the pup treats every day. He still comes to her porch, just in case his Mom left a boot there!

Images & Feature Image Source: Kelly Dent

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