How This Beer Company Helps Dogs Get Adopted Is Pure Genius!

We see posters of missing people and animals on a regular basis. Sometimes we even see creative ways of companies to gain the attention of citizens, such as displaying missing people during television breaks or even printing details on milk cartons.

There has even been an initiative to put the faces of shelter dogs on pizza boxes to gain the attention of families or groups of friends. One company has come up with a truly creative and unique way of bringing sheltered dogs to the attention of a large part of citizens, namely, beer drinkers.

A North-Dakota brewery has teamed up with a local dog shelter and has taken the initiative to raise awareness of the sheltered animals for potential adoption. They specifically choose to print the faces of some of the least looked at shelter dogs. Many a time these dogs go unnoticed because they are not the first to leap into visitor’s arms or have socialization issues with other dogs. The most neglected ones are the ones that need the most attention. The initiative has gained the love of local communities and those that cannot adopt have donated food and presents in abundance.

We cannot always afford to adopt a shelter dog, and sometimes we do not have the space to keep them. However, if we have the means to provide a little love or give a small donation, there is no reason we cannot help. Be on the lookout, as you never know who might be on your next beer can!

Images & Feature Image Source: fargobrewing

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