How This Dog Made His Mom A One-Of-A-Kind T-Shirt

How This Dog Made His Mom A One-Of-A-Kind T-Shirt

Apollo is known for his talents like sitting, shaking, and catching treats, but never in a million years did his mom, Tori, think he was cut out to be a fashion designer.

He had never shown any artistic talent before, after all, who would expect that from a 6-year-old pitbull? One day when she left him at home for a few hours, she came home to a one-of-a-kind design that left her shocked! Apollo is known for being naughty and drinking from the toilet whenever Tori isn’t looking, and lo and behold, he did it again. But this time, something different happened.

On the floor lay Tori’s laundry and a bottle of bleach. In a hurry to do some errands, she didn’t latch the door and Apollo saw his opportunity to be naught again! He used his pays to push open the door and accidentally spilled the bleach onto the floor which caught on her clothes! Now, every dog parent knows that bleach can cause skin inflammation and can even be poisonous for dogs, so it was a blessing that Apollo didn’t go near it. Instead, he went straight to the toilet for his drink.

When Tori got home, she was initially upset because her clothes were ruined, but upon further inspection, she saw it. She saw the beauty in what he had done. One of her shirts was crumpled when it was soaked in bleach so it made a unique design that she absolutely loved! Some of her other clothes were stained, but that shirt stood out. More importantly, Apollo was not hurt.

She now wears the T-shirt he designed and is proud to show it off, but she won’t let Apollo near the bleach bottle ever again!

Images Source: Tori

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