How This Doggie Dad Makes Sure His Special Needs Son Is Never Left Out

How This Doggie Dad Makes Sure His Special Needs Son Is Never Left Out

It is sometimes very difficult for special needs dogs to keep up with healthy, normal dogs. They usually need the help of someone else to perform even the simplest of tasks.

We should applaud all those who dedicate their lives to taking care of disabled dogs in our community. They deserve the best! One such person is a TikToker named Jooseline’s dad. She posted a video of her father’s daily routine with their dogs and it has touched the hearts of many.

Their dog Canelo has a disease called hypertrophic osteodystrophy. This condition makes it hard for Canelo to move as much as he’d like, and as a result, he’s unable to keep up with other dogs. He cannot run and jump and play with them. If he exerts too much effort, he ends up in pain because it hurts. Certainly, you can imagine how hard it must be for him, a playful creature by nature.

Jooseline’s dad tries his best to make sure Canelo does not feel left out. When it’s playtime, he acts as Canelo’s chauffeur, using his own arms and legs to ensure he can keep up with the rest of the dogs.


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In other words, he chases other dogs with Canelo in his arms. Canelo has a blast this way, and the giant smile on his face says it all. That’s all the thanks Jooseline’s dad will ever need. He knows in his heart that Canelo is extremely grateful.

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