How This Golden Retriever Helps Her Fearful Bestie Play Fetch!

How This Golden Retriever Helps Her Fearful Bestie Play Fetch!

We all have fears, and sometimes these feats can hold us back from doing the things we love. Charlee is afraid of water, but her best friend Yuma makes sure she never misses out on the fun when they play fetch.

Charlee and Yuma have been best friends since forever. They love playing together and especially enjoy getting super dirty. Darcy is Yuma’s dad, while Charlee lives with his mom. He doesn’t mind having Charlee over for sometimes weeks at a time because the two love each other very much.

They are alike in many ways, but different in so many others. Yuma loves playing with toys at home, and she doesn’t like sharing. However, she makes an exception when they are by the water.

See, Charlee is afraid of water and would never get caught swimming. She doesn’t even like being wet. When she sees sticks floating in the water, or someone tells her to fetch a toy from the water, there’s no budging her, no matter how much she wants to. Instead, she stares at it, while Yuma goes in and retrieves it.

Incredibly, she puts her selfishness to the side, and lets Charlee have the toy or stick she wants. This comes as a shock to her family but she’s a very sweet dog even though she tends to be dominant at times. She doesn’t hesitate to help her friend. She can tell how scared she is and just wants to help her feel included in all the fun.

This is the true meaning of friendship!

Images source: Darcy Michael

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