How This Shy Dog Defended Her Home From A 'Scary' Bobcat

How This Shy Dog Defended Her Home From A 'Scary' Bobcat

If you know anything about bobcats, you know in reality, they are anything but scary. It’s actually a common misconception and they usually run off at any sudden movements or noise. They frequently trespass on people’s property but aren’t usually dangerous unless provoked.

Well, Cherie, the dog, didn’t know this. She lived a pretty laid-back life and was used to having things her way. She wasn’t a guard dog and wasn’t expected to be on the lookout for trespassers. Instead, she took quiet afternoon naps, enjoyed belly rubs, and looked forward to treats.

Until one day when she was called upon to answer what seemed like the call of duty. There she was as usual on her porch with her mom, Kay Hawkins, when out of the blue the ‘scary’ bobcat appeared. He wasn’t doing much, he was just cleaning himself as if it was at home.

Now Cherie has never had to do this before, but she had to mark her territory. She had to put her nerves to the side and speak up for herself! After about half a minute, she let out a shaky “woof”. It was all captured on tape! To everyone’s surprise, that woof was enough to get the bobcat moving. He knew his time at Cherie’s home was up and didn’t want to cause any trouble! Maybe he knew something that we don’t know!

Cherie is back to her pampered lifestyle, but don’t get it twisted. The next time around she won’t be so nervous!

Image Source: Kay Hawkins

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