How This Stolen Dog Had An Emotional Reunion With Her Dad

How This Stolen Dog Had An Emotional Reunion With Her Dad

On Friday, Aaron Morris and his service dog, Jolene went to the Dollar General. They had just moved to North Carolina from Michigan and weren’t used to the area.

Aaron had left Jolene in the car because he was only going to grab a few things. Little did he know that someone had been following them the entire time!

When he was done shopping, he realized his car was gone. Inside was everything he owned, and Jolene! They had never been apart in the six years they had been together and he was completely heartbroken.

He made a Facebook post in hopes that someone had seen her and his car, and described her as his “guardian angel” and “best friend”. He missed her desperately. He didn’t care about the car, or his stuff. He just wanted Jolene back. As time passed, he became less hopeful. Meanwhile, a brown Lab/pitbull mix was dropped off at the Morristown Hamblen Humane Society in Tennessee.

Jolene was wandering the streets all alone and they tried reaching out to the number on her tag. Of course, he had lost his phone that day so the call was never received. The shelter posted her picture on Facebook and soon, the news got to Aaron. He immediately left for Tennessee. Jolene was also in great despair, but once she saw him, she ran up to him and gave him kisses. They were both happy and missed each other dearly.

Now, they will never let each other go.

Images source: Aaron Morris

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