How To Determine How Much Walk Is Enough For Your Dog Daily

How To Determine How Much Walk Is Enough For Your Dog Daily

Walking your dog is a crucial exercise needed to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. While most dog parents know it is important to walk their dog, many are unsure how often they should do it.

Some factors to consider when determining how often you should walk your dog include:

  1. Breed: Active dog breeds may need up to 2 hours of exercise daily, while sedate dog breeds may need 30 minutes or more a day, depending on their stamina levels.
  2. Age: Puppies require short walks, lasting less than 15 minutes. Similarly, older dogs may also be content with moderate exercise.
  3. Health Status: A fit dog would require more exercise than a dog suffering from an illness.
  4. Personality: An exuberant dog is likely to want more walks than one with a laid-back personality.
  5. Environmental Conditions: Extremely hot weather puts dogs at risk of overheating, while some dogs may catch a cold in extremely cold weather.

Given that there are many factors to consider, it is often best to be led by your dog. Your dog should be satisfied and tired after their walks but not be completely exhausted. If you are still unsure whether your dog is getting enough walk, speak to your veterinarian to get tailored advice that suits your dog.

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