How To Help Your Pup Deal With The Grief Of Losing A Family Pet

How To Help Your Pup Deal With The Grief Of Losing A Family Pet

When we lose a member of the family, we grieve. It is a natural process – but we are not the only ones who miss our departed family member.

The passing of our fur babies is very difficult, but in a multi-dog house, you won’t be the only one who grieves. Our dogs bond with everyone in the house too, so when another dog passes, our dogs will grieve. They may not grieve in the same way that we do, but they do experience the loss. Even though you are going through a tough time, it is important to be aware of changes in your dog’s behavior and help them through the process of loss.

A dog who is grieving may:

· Have a change in sleeping patterns
· Change in their eating habits
· Walk around the house looking for their missing friend
· Be reluctant to be left alone
· May not be interested in playing or going on walks.

To help your dog:

· Watch them closely
· Keep their daily routine as close to normal as possible. Consistency is best.
· Watch how much they are eating. If your dog’s appetite doesn’t improve after a few days, see your veterinarian
· Use distraction to get them out of their sadness
· Allow the surviving dogs to set up a new hierarchy
· Don’t add a new pet too soon
· Take your time. You can’t rush the grieving process.
· If possible, allow your pet to be there when their friend passes. Ask your veterinarian first, some may not allow you to have a dog present during euthanasia.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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