How To Help Your Puppy Be A Stay-At-Home Dog!

How To Help Your Puppy Be A Stay-At-Home Dog!

In our last article, we talked about professional and semi-professional care options that you can use when you have to leave your dog at home alone. Now, we’ll talk about how to help your puppy be a stay-at-home dog in a healthy and safe way.

Owning A Stay-At-Home Puppy

Exercise your puppy in the morning and evening. This can help them use up their excess energy so they feel more relaxed and less anxious and bored while you are gone.

Keep your puppy in an enclosed area. A small room with their familiar items can keep your belongings safe and increase their feelings of security. Most dogs even feel more comfortable in a small space they can call their own, such as a big crate or a doghouse. But make sure it is safe for them!

Make sure your puppy has everything they need: plenty of toys to play with, fresh water access, a way to use the bathroom if you’ll be out very long, and puppy-proofed surroundings.

Try and provide activities for your dog to enjoy; turn on a radio or television, hide treats or toys for them to look for, or leave out a puzzle toy for them to solve.

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