How To Prevent Your Dog Pee From Killing Grass

How To Prevent Your Dog Pee From Killing Grass

Teaching your dog to pee outside can feel like a big win, but the brown spots that develop on the grass over time are an eyesore. Does this mean you're better off keeping your dog pent up inside? No. Understanding why dogs' pee kills grass can help you and your dog navigate the problem.

Dog pee kills or discolors grass because it contains different nutrients from unabsorbed food and supplements. When their pee hits the grass, high nitrogen concentrations are left behind after the sun evaporates the water. While nitrogen is beneficial for grass and even used for fertilizer, too many damage grass.

It's easy to tell whether your dog's pee is killing your lawn or something else. If it's a dog pee problem, the grass will appear brown at the center and green at the edges, where the nitrogen is less concentrated.

The safest way to prevent your dog's pee from damaging your lawn is by using a hose to spray the area where they urinate to dilute their urine. It would also be helpful to encourage your dog to drink more water. The more hydrated your dog is, the less potent their urine will be. You should also train your dog to pee in a designated area to restrict any potential damage to one area instead of your entire lawn.

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