How to Wash Your Dog's Toys Properly

How to Wash Your Dog's Toys Properly

Your dog’s toys can be a great source of joy and entertainment for them. However, if you don’t clean their toys regularly, it could be a major source of bacteria. A study by NSF International in 2011 found that pet bowls and toys are among the top 10 germ-infested items commonly found within the home.

Since bacteria, such as staph, yeast, and mold, can breed on toys over time if left uncleaned, developing a cleaning schedule for your dog’s toys can help keep them and your environment safe. Aside from toys, you should also clean their food and water regularly.

Rachel Goldammer, a service-dog breeding consultant, and interim kennel manager at Guide Dogs of America in Sylmar, California, advises that dog parents use a degreasing agent when washing hard and soft toys to break up biofilm.

When washing hard bones and toys, you can use dish soap since it is designed to eliminate grease on kitchenware. It would be best to fill the sink with hot water, add soap, and soak the toys for 5 to 10 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing.

Regularly washing your dog’s toys is a good practice to start today. As you wash the toys, be sure to inspect for any damage that might cause accidental ingestion of parts.

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