Hundred Dogs Rescued From Grave Case Of Hoarding In Puerto Rico

Hundred Dogs Rescued From Grave Case Of Hoarding In Puerto Rico

Big Dog Ranch Rescue and El Foster Club volunteers, with the help of two individuals, Vivian and Doris. The rescue team flew to Puerto Rico where more than 500 canines lived together in a poorly managed domestic space.

According to the rescue group, there is still a lot to do in order to save the approximately four hundred dogs.

They said the dogs are in urgent need of assistance as ten of them expire daily due to disease, infection, lack of care, and malnutrition.

Eight of the puppies have also been reported to have been undergone blood transfusions after being found with ticks and parasites that have sucked them dry and left them malnourished.

While they are still a long way from saving all the imperiled canines, Big Dog Ranch and its volunteer groups are thankful to have at least saved a hundred dogs.

“To leave the dogs there is a death sentence,” Big Dog Ranch Rescue posted in their social media account, “They are so malnourished because all of their food goes to the parasites and not to the dog.”

The rescue team hopes that, with their social media update, more groups and individuals will pitch in and provide the much needed support and financial assistance so that they can continue their rescue of the remaining dogs who are still in danger.

Images & Feature Image Source: Big Dog Ranch

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