If You Say ‘Oops’ This Dog Immediately Checks Floor For Scraps

If You Say ‘Oops’ This Dog Immediately Checks Floor For Scraps

It’s not a coincidence that this dog was named Heinz after the popular ketchup brand because he loves food! He also loves naps, playing with his family, and checking the floor for scraps!

His mom, Karyn Dietz says he doesn’t hover in the kitchen, but once the family starts to eat, he keeps a close lookout at everyone, especially the children. Heinz is a food patrol dog!

Whenever someone says ‘oops’ he runs into the room and quickly snatches the scraps away before the family has a chance to clean it up. It took a while for the family to notice what was happening, but once they noticed, it has become a running joke! Other trigger words are “da**it” and “sh*t”. Before the words have a chance to come out of their mouths properly, Heinz is front and center lending a hand in the cleanup process, but with his stomach.

This is pretty impressive considering he’s figured out exactly what those words mean. Once the videos of Heinz hit the internet, people were taken aback by how clever this dog is.

Sometimes, the family even plays tricks on him by saying ‘oops’ for no reason, just to watch him dart into the room. Now that he has learned those words, the family has to be careful about what they say when they drop food. Considering how smart Heinz is, it’s only a matter of time before he picks up on what’s going on. Nothing will come between Heinz and his love for table scraps!

Image Credits: Karyn Dietz

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