If You're A Pet Parent, You Must Know These Tips For Disaster Preparedness

If You're A Pet Parent, You Must Know These Tips For Disaster Preparedness

Natural disasters can strike at any time. Sometimes you may get a warning, but other times disaster hits when you least expect it.

While some families have a disaster plan for themselves, there are few families that have plans that include pets. Alicia Boor is the Cottonwood District Ag Agent in Great Bend, and she has some ways that you can ensure your pet is ready for a natural disaster. As a pet parent, we are responsible for making sure we plan for our pets as well as ourselves. The first thing is to make sure your pet has a collar on at all times that has your contact information on it.

This will make it easier for you and your pet to find each other after being separated. Your pet should be current on all vaccinations so they will be less susceptible to illness if sheltered with other animals. Rabies is the most important. Have a disaster kit that includes copies of important records, enough food for at least three days, enough water for three days, extra leashes, cat litter box supplies (if necessary), blankets, toys, and medications (if needed).

Store the kit in a waterproof container that you can move easily. The container should be labeled with your contact information. During a disaster, if you and your pet are separated contact a local shelter, area vet hospitals, and animal control. Social media is also a good way to reach out to people and ask for help. For more information about getting your pet ready, visit www.ready.gov/animals.

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