Imelda May Reveals How Her Dog Saved Her Newborn Daughter's Life

One of the most heart-warming headlines we love to read has to be those where a canine companion has aided in saving the life of their parent!

There have been stories of dogs relentless in their quest to gain the attention of neighbors or family members when their favorite human is in trouble. From a man stuck in a well to a woman fallen from her horse, our canine companions have often gone to any length possible to save a life. This is not only true for their parents but their human siblings too!

One day, singer Imelda May was sitting in another room from her newborn who was resting. Going about her day, her canine companion Alfie came into the room and was behaving rather unusually. Imelda says that Alfie was whimpering continuously for her attention and simply would not stop.


Picking up on this unusual behavior from Alfie, Imelda had a feeling there was more to it and immediately went to check on her newborn. What she found next was absolutely terrifying! Imelda found her newborn girl had pulled a plastic bag over her head and was suffocating. Thankfully, she had gotten to her in the nick of time and managed to remove the bag from her daughter’s face. Although Alfie has passed on, Imelda will never forget that her daughter would not be here today if it was not for him.


The story of Alfie is yet another confirmation of the important roles our four-legged family members play in our lives!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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