In The UK Dog Theft Increases As Demand For Pet Adoption Soars During Pandemic

In The UK Dog Theft Increases As Demand For Pet Adoption Soars During Pandemic

Amidst the pandemic, people have become desperate to make a quick buck or even lie and deceive others. The United Kingdom saw this first hand as dog thefts began to rise in local communities, along with greedy criminals targeting dog breeders.

For Sarah, this happened all too often since the beginning of December. Six of Sarah’s dogs were stolen, and to say that she was devastated would be an understatement. It all started with thieves breaking into her outhouse, which was where her dogs slept overnight, stealing all the dogs inside. Her property is located in a quiet village near the town of Port Talbot, so this theft came as a shock to many.

All six were stolen, and as of now, five are still missing. Sarah’s English springer spaniel was recently found with the help of a bi-stander, who saw the dog walking alone and immediately took her to the vet. With all the injuries that she sustained, Sarah is even more worried about her other dogs.

During the pandemic, the prices for pets have skyrocketed, which attracts criminals to various breeders. Legal adoptions are also on the rise, but some breeders aren’t able to produce as many dogs as the people demand. Due to this, criminals and thieves steal other families’ dogs and even dogs from breeders, trying to make a quick buck.

In some communities, there are growing coordinated groups that are stealing dogs and then requesting ransoms from owners. The people are pushing law enforcement to enforce harsher rules, ultimately decreasing the number of thefts out of fear.

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