Injured Pup Finds The Perfect Best Friend To Help Him Heal

Injured Pup Finds The Perfect Best Friend To Help Him Heal

When Charlie the golden retriever pup was taken in by the Trio Animal Foundation, he had been through hell and back.

He had been hung up by the neck and acid has been liberally splashed across his back, then he was dumped at a different home, with the people who turned him in refusing to reveal the perpetrator, even for a $5000 reward.

Charlie’s upper back and shoulders were severely burned. Though he didn’t need skin grafts, dead tissue had to be removed and he had to undergo treatment, sit through medicated baths, and be slathered in burn creams. At first, he was extremely nervous, especially when anyone neared his back or tried to put a leash on him, but he slowly began to warm up.

A real transformation came when Hazel Grace, another pup who has been a victim of burns and whose abuser was never charged, arrived. The pup “worked” as a therapy dog of sorts for other pups, and the moment she and Charlie saw each other, a bond formed. They seemed to know that they had suffered the same pain and began to play together, being purposefully careful around each other’s scars.

Since then, Charlie blossomed more and more, and finally was adopted by an extremely loving family, including a big doggy brother! Though he always has to wear to shirt around other dogs and will have to be medicated for the rest of his life, the pup is happy, healthier than ever, and surrounded by love.

Images & Feature Image Source: Karen Lagioia

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