Injured Stray Dog Visits A Vet Clinic To Ask People For Help

Injured Stray Dog Visits A Vet Clinic To Ask People For Help

For many stray dogs, there is no one there to look out for them if they are hurt or hungry. Luckily, many dogs on the street in populated cities or towns can be caught and taken to a safer place.

In Brazil, a sick and injured young dog decided to take matters into his own hands. At Dayse Ferreira’s vet clinic, located in Brazil, the staff received an unexpected visitor.

Ferreira was checking on the last client of the day when she saw that there was a wandering dog that came in with a hurt paw. She bent down to see the dog, and he gave her his paw, which was hurt. She believed that he was crying out for help. She welcomed him into her clinic and started helping immediately.

After a quick exam, she found that his paw wasn’t too injured, and all his issues were treatable. The tiny dog had a small tumor and was covered in fleas, which were an easy fix. Shortly following her exam, the staff gave him a bath and he seemed much happier.

The clinic posted a video of all that happened, and due to the video, adoption offers poured in. The staff is so thankful that his days of loneliness are long gone because he is truly a great dog. Currently, his future has never looked better and he is waiting to be placed in the perfect home. He is a great example of why you should always ask for help if you need it.

Images Source: Dayse Ferreira

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