Innocent Man Found Not Guilty After 38 Years Goes Home With Pup He Raised In Prison

Innocent Man Found Not Guilty After 38 Years Goes Home With Pup He Raised In Prison

In 1980, Malcolm Alexander received a life sentence in prison on rape charges. He was only 21 years old. Now, 38 years later, non-profit organization The Innocence Project has succeeded in their mission to prove his innocence, and he has finally been found not guilty thanks to DNA evidence.

Now 58, there’s a lot that Malcolm has to catch up on as he gets back on his feet again. But he won’t be doing it alone – he’ll be bringing 9-month-old Innocent, or Inn for short, the pup he raised in prison, back with him. Staff with The Innocence Project picked up the pup and began the drive to the home of Malcolm’s son, where he is currently staying as he gets back on his feet.

The second the pup saw her Dad, she took a couple of seconds to register who he was, and then her tail began to wag a mile a minute and she excitedly jumped all over him! The two hugged in a tearfully heartwarming moment. Inn was finally home where she belonged! She even went back to the staff to thank them for bringing her there before she began to explore her new home.

Amazingly, Malcolm isn’t angry at the wrongful imprisonment. As far as he’s concerned, there’s no time to be angry – he just wants to use the time that he has now to live in the present and pick himself up. He hopes to use the woodworking, carpentry, and jewelry-making that he learned in prison to get himself working again. It’s still unclear whether he will receive compensation for his wrongful imprisonment, but a donation page has been set up for him to raise funds for him to start a carpentry business.

Feature Image Source: Innocent Project

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