Is Coffee Safe For My Dog To Drink?

Is Coffee Safe For My Dog To Drink?

Remember how chocolates and dogs don’t mix? Well, it’s the same for coffee and dogs.

Coffee has caffeine and caffeine is found to contain methylxanthine which is also present in the seeds of cacao from where chocolates are derived. These methylxanthines are known to cause poisoning and even death among canines, particularly younger ones. Don’t think that a lap or two is harmless. Once your precious pet ingests a tea bag, ground coffee bean, or diet pill, you may soon have to deal with an emergency situation.

Methylxanthines are known to cause gastrointestinal problems, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea among pets. Symptoms of caffeine poisoning include seizures, tremors, arrhythmia, hyperactivity, frequent urination, excessive thirst, and gasping for breath. While your dog’s weight and concentration of ingested caffeine determine the gravity of your pet’s adverse reaction, you would be well-advised to keep coffee off-limits from your dog and, just to be sure, stack away the other caffeinated substances as well.

Common pantry items that should be locked away from your pup’s reach include soda, energy pills and boosters, diet pills, tea, candies, energy drinks, ice creams containing coffee or any of its derivatives, chocolates and other chocolatey food and drinks. When your pup happens to lap up a small amount of coffee or if he/she is exhibits only mild symptoms, have him/her examined by the vet just the same. Immediately so when more obvious symptoms start to develop.

Better to be safe, than sorry.

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