Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat Apricots?

Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat Apricots?

Apricots have much popularity with Humans, but can dogs eat them too? Luckily, the answer is yes, but moderately in small amounts. It is important to know that not all parts of apricots are safe for your dog.

Most important to keep in mind before giving anything to your dog is to always consult with a vet.

What Is The Proper Way To Give Apricots To Your Dog?

Apricots are perfectly safe for your dog if prepped properly. They are full of vitamins, fiber, minerals, and many other nutrients. The main point of concern is sugar since too much of it is never good for your pup. Consuming too much of it can cause digestion problems and much discomfort in your pup’s stomach.

It is also important to know that dried apricots are always safer compared to raw ones. The stems, the pits, and the leaves in raw apricots are poisonous to dogs. On the other hand, dried apricots are richer in sugar content, so make sure you give your dog only a few at a time.

Which Part of the Apricot Is Dangerous For Your Dog?

As mentioned above, the stems, the pits, and the leaves should be removed when feeding your dog. All of them are rich in cyanide, which is harmful to dogs. If your dog eats these parts, cyanide poisoning is inevitable within 20 minutes, so if you buy apricots on a regular basis, always make sure to keep them away from your loved one.

Excessive panting, dilation of pupils, lethargic behavior, droopy ears are just a few of the possible symptoms that can alarm you of cyanide poisoning. If you suspect your dog has been exposed to cyanide, you should call your vet immediately.

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