Is Lapping Up Pool Water Safe For Dogs?

Is Lapping Up Pool Water Safe For Dogs?

There are times when you see your dog lapping up pool water especially when it gets hot and humid during the summer season. Is this okay?

It’s similar to when we accidentally drink pool water. Dogs who lap up small amounts of this chlorinated liquid are going to be fine and shouldn’t concern you too much. Most chemicals in pool water, whether saltwater or chlorinated water, are thankfully safe when swallowed in small amounts, especially when it happens during swimming.

The key here is volume. Too much of it is a different story. Hence, if you see your dog gulping down a large volume of that water like it’s the only way of hydrating himself/herself, then you should interrupt it and get your dog a proper drink. Ingesting large volumes of pool water can cause diarrhea, nausea, and electrolyte imbalance.

In some cases, it can result in low systemic sodium level or hyponatremia, which is serious. If your dog is the type who enjoys drinking pool water, whether thirsty or just a quirk of nature, try gifting him/her with his own water fountain. It might be that your dog finds it more interesting to drink when the water is constantly in motion.

Once your dog discovers that water is fresher and cooler from his fountain, he/she may prefer it over the less tasty pool water and your canine may no longer be tempted to venture out for a drink from the pool.

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