Is My Dog At Risk of Having COVID-19 Infection?

Is My Dog At Risk of Having COVID-19 Infection?

Since the COVID-19 infection swept the entire globe, leaving millions of people dead and seriously ill, dog families have stressed over their own health, and also their dogs’.

Here’s the thing… There are only a few confirmed cases of COVID-19-infected dogs, and only a handful are symptomatic. Note that canines get infected differently from humans.

Domestic cats are more susceptible to the virus than dogs because they have similar enzymes as humans to which the coronavirus is believed to attach. This implies that cats are more likely to get infected than dogs. However, they’re likely to recuperate faster as they do from a common cold.

There’s also no sufficient proof that domestic dogs can spread COVID-19 to humans or vice versa.

Can I stroke my canine’s fur?

Definitely! If you have a positive case, however, exercise caution and keep your dog away. While there seems to be no coronavirus infection at home, one of you who may have touched an infected area and contracted the virus can transmit it through sneezing.

If your pet is nearby, the virus can attach itself to his/her fur. To be safe than sorry, avoid touching your pets, and do the usual washing and avoidance of touching one’s face.

Is dog walking allowed?

Yes, but be aware and follow the guidelines imposed by the CDC.

What else should I do to ensure my dog’s safety?

Keep yourself glued for updates and be safe than sorry at all times.

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