Is My Dog Too Old To Be Neutered or Spayed?

Is My Dog Too Old To Be Neutered or Spayed?

Whether your older dog is a rescue, or you just never got around to neutering or spaying, you’ll be glad to know that the opportunity might still be there.

To find out if your dog is eligible, you’ll have to consult your regular vet. Till then, we can give you some general info that will help determine if your dog is eligible

How Old is Too Old?

Contrary to popular belief, age is not a major factor in determining if a dog is eligible to be neutered or spayed.

The most important factor is overall health. If your dog is up in age, then the vet will require his/her medical history, and even a thorough workup beforehand. This includes a variety of tests, especially if there are preexisting conditions such as X-rays and ECGs.

Once cleared, and the vet is sure your dog will be safe under anesthesia and during recovery, your dog will undergo the suitable procedure.

Why Old Dogs Should Be Neutered or Spayed

Dogs are generally neutered or spayed to eliminate the risk of developing certain conditions, for example, testicular cancers, prostate issues, mammary cancers, and pyometra (uterine infection)

Old dogs can benefit from spaying and neutering as it helps to curb certain undesirable behaviors, such as humping, barking, and even aggression. It also eliminates the dangers of seeking mates.

What To Expect During The Healing Process

Older dogs take longer to heal after being neutered or spayed. It will require extra attention, more trips to the vet, and patience on your part. It also means your dog will have to be less active during this time, and be separated from playmates.

But, once you get the go-ahead from your vet, everything should be fine!

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