Is Wrapping Paper Safe for my Dog to Play With?

Is Wrapping Paper Safe for my Dog to Play With?

Christmas time means presents. And presents means wrapping paper. Lots and lots of wrapping paper.

Tearing the wrapping paper off a gift is perhaps the most exciting part of the day. But when you’re done with all the excitement, the aftermath can be overwhelming!

And if you have a dog at home, then there’s the question of safety. All those piles of shiny, crinkly paper are too much for a bouncy puppy to resist. So, is it safe for your pup to play with wrapping paper?

Bernadine Cruz from the Laguna Hills Animal Hospital answers all the important questions.

For the most part, Bernadine explains, wrapping paper is perfectly safe for your pup to play with. Even eating it is not that harmless, as long as it’s not contaminated by any toxic gifts it might have been used to wrap.

But if the gift was wrapped with ribbons or bows or adorned with tags or other decorations that get mixed up in the heap of unwrapped paper, that can change things.

Bernadine says you should look out for toxic substances and stringy decorations, such as glitter, ribbon, string, yarn, tinsel or other metallic embellishments. All of these could cause serious harm if they are ingested.

If you’re worried that your pup may have swallowed anything along these lines, it’s best to get him straight to a vet, urges Bernadine. In the worst cases, surgery might even be necessary. That’s why the safest option is to make sure you keep and dangerous items well out of reach.

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