Keeping Your Dogs Safe When The Mercury Soars

Keeping Your Dogs Safe When The Mercury Soars

When deciding to take your dog out for a walk, it’s advisable to check if temperatures are comfortable enough for him/her and will remain so the entire time.

Sometimes, the sunny outdoors seems ideal for a stroll with your canine, who needs physical and mental stimulation. Exercise caution, though, so that your outings aren’t spoiled by untoward medical incidents. Vets recommend that you check by putting your hand on the sidewalk or asphalt for about five seconds. If it’s uncomfortably hot, your dog’s paws will feel the same when he/she steps out.

If you really need to head out a hot day, or live in summer weather all-year-long, or find yourselves already out when the temperature soars, be sure to pay close attention to your dog. Canines can get easily burned under direct sunlight or by hot surfaces. Check his/her paw pads for erosions, redness, or tenderness if you suspect sunburn or heat stroke. Dogs go limp, slow their pace, or refuse to walk when they burned or feeling hot.

Let them lie down on the grass under a shade to cool down. If there’s a lot of concrete in your area, protect your dog with paw wax. This, however, only works for a prescribed period and should not be relied upon during prolonged heat exposure. In the summertime, opt to take early morning or evening walks when the sun is less intense. Stick to grassy and shady paths and shun concrete.

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