These Kids Are About To Open Their Present... And It's An Adorable Puppy!! Aww!

Some Christmas gifts are truly magical! When these three children met their aunt’s dog’s new litter of yellow labrador puppies, they instantly fell in love with one of them: Otis, an adorable and playful pup!

Since the family had wanted a pup of their own for a while, there was no better time to surprise the children with the best Christmas present ever.

A big box lies on the floor, and the kids quickly rush to take the lid off. And who should be sitting in the box but little Otis? The children react instantly, crying out in surprise and happiness, and one of them makes the connection and exclaims, “It’s Otis!” It looks like this puppy is in great hands, and he’ll be having a lot of fun with his new siblings!

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Feature Image Source: AnnaK

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