Kind Woman Shelters 97 Stray Dogs In Her House To Save Them From A Category 5 Storm

When we get warnings of potential natural disasters, such as hurricane warnings, we hurry to make plans to keep our family safe. We stock up on food, make sure we have enough blankets to keep us safe and keep our dogs inside.

However, what we often forget is that sheltered animals may not have a place of safety and refuge during extreme weather events. During hurricane Dorian, a very special woman thought of the Voiceless Dogs of Nassau in the Bahamas and came up with a plan! Chella Phillips took in 97 street dogs during the event and kept them in her home.

She is not a registered shelter, so she could not get help from the government but that did not stop her! Chella gave all these dogs warmth, food, and safety during the hurricane.

With love and compassion, Chella still takes in street dogs and gets them vaccinated. She keeps them until an animal rescue is willing to take them in and find them second homes. Chella took to social media with her cause and instantly went viral.

Because of her selflessness, people from all over have donated to her worthy cause, giving food and money to keep it running. Her doors are always open for newcomers and her kind heart makes sure they get the love they deserve!

Chella and her home shelter reminds us how important it is to think of the voiceless pups out there who cannot speak for themselves. What a special initiative indeed!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Chella Phillips

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