Kitty Runs Out Of Patience With Overly Attached Pup!

Kitty Runs Out Of Patience With Overly Attached Pup!

Usually, the stereotype is that the little siblings annoy and bug their older siblings, but as we all know, generalizations always have exceptions to them. For once such exception, you need look no further than this multi-pet household!

All Chilly the kitten, who is just six months old, wanted was to have a nice, peaceful afternoon nap. But unfortunately for this cat, her big brother Filo the golden retriever pup is constantly trying to get her attention by nibbling at her. She can’t take it anymore!

The kit angrily hisses, then reaches out with her paws and uses her two front legs to hold the pup’s mouth shut so he can no longer bite at her. She holds on for as long as she can before the uncomfortable pup wrestles free. She lets it slide – but not before giving him a sharp slap on the face to reprimand him for his wrongdoings!

Awkwardly, the pup moves a little bit further away, but it’s still not enough space for Chilly, who gives up on her nap and gets up to leave. Not getting the hint, Filo quickly hops to his feet and goes after her. Ah, siblings: can’t live with them, can’t convince them to live without you!

Feature Image Source: Glenda

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