Know About Duke, the Flying Dog?

Know About Duke, the Flying Dog?

We’re used to seeing dogs running, jumping, and leaping, but flying is certainly a new one (in real life, of course). Meet Duke, the flying dog from Virginia.

Before he started flying, Duke was your ordinary cheerful dog. He loved being outdoors where he could run around freely or play a game of fetch. He also loved going on car rides with his favorite stuffed toy and seeing the world around him.

The day Duke started flying took everyone by surprise. It was an ordinary day and Duke was outside playing with his brother and sisters as he normally does. All of a sudden, the 70lb dog was picked up by a strong gust of wind, and began flying!

No one could have predicted this, and no one was more shocked than his mom, Brittany Wampler. It was the type of situation where you’d have to be there to fully understand. Unfortunately, she was at work at the time and got the news from her kids. She was told, “Duke went for a ride in a tornado!”

Of course, she didn’t believe them right away. A flying dog in a tornado? That sounds crazy. But, after she saw the video, she had no doubt in her mind. The bizarre incident was captured on the neighbor’s camera. It showed what her kids described as a tornado (a dust devil) picking Duke up, spinning him around, before he landed.

Thankfully Duke wasn’t injured and they decided to go back inside with their other Lab, Pierce, until the winds had calmed down. The family will never forget this moment and they sometimes joke about getting him a cape. His mom is just glad he’s okay and hopes he doesn’t go flying again!

Images source: Brittany Wampler

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