How To Know If Your Dog's Coat Is Truly Healthy

how to know if your dog has a healthy coat

A dog’s coat is a great indicator of how healthy they are – inside and out. A lot of people have heard this and it’s good advice, but the big question is how you tell if your fur kid’s coat is as healthy as it could be. How healthy is healthy? And each dog is different so what does my dog need to be healthy?

This info-graphic is a great guide to determining what is healthy and what are signs that your fur kid could use a little more support in the fatty acid department. Dogs with longer or denser coats (like Golden Retrievers) have higher requirements for optimal coat health than shorter-haired dogs do but regardless of breed, looking at your dog’s coat is a great place to start.

Beyond that, the next question is which fatty acids are essential and which are non-essential? There are so many sources, but they all work differently with the body so it’s important to make sure your fur kid is getting the right ones. Take a look at the info-graphic below. It’s a great snapshot of everything you need to know.

is your dogs coat healthy

Feature Image Source: Petco

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