Labrador Intrigued By His Funny-Looking Christmas Toy!

Labrador Intrigued By His Funny-Looking Christmas Toy!

This beautiful Labrador’s name is Onyx and he’s just received his first Christmas toy! The black Labrador is lying on the floor looking bored when his human turns on the strange dancing reindeer toy that plays one of the strangest Christmas classics – “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.”

The Lab then perks up! Onyx is intrigued by the silly-looking fellow, wiggling around, spinning, and jingling that sleigh bell. The Labrador tries to gently bite the toy, perhaps to catch its attention, but the toy is too wiggly!

It keeps moving from one place to another and then randomly spinning round and round and round! Onyx is completely intrigued by the toy, but he is so gentle with it!

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Watch the video below to see Onyx and his funny Christmas toy!

Feature Image Source: artistsvillageGA

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