Little Boy Devastated After Dog Dies From Eating Litter On Beach

Little Boy Devastated After Dog Dies From Eating Litter On Beach

The carelessness of human nature can be dangerous to our four-legged family members. If we act without thought, we may not even realize that what we do can change the lives of others as well as their canine companions.

Last month, a little boy found his heart to be broken after the reckless acts of another human on a local beach. Dog dad, Francis Howarth recently took the family dog, Bandit, for a walk on their local beach.

These beach walks were a regular for the family, and Bandit absolutely loved running and jumping through the surrounding sand dunes. However, June 23rd would be a tragic event for the family. When Francis took Bandit for a walk, on the way this precious pooch had found a corn cob in the sand.

As we well know, our canine companions are inquisitive beings and never turn down an available snack. Bandit started chewing the cob, and Francis immediately noticed and tried to retrieve the cob out of Bandit’s mouth. Unfortunately, Bandit had quickly swallowed the corn cob whole. Francis and the family monitored Bandit to see if the dog would be okay, and everything seemed fine.

After a few days, Bandit seemed to be getting ill and started throwing up. The family immediately rushed their beloved dog to the animal emergency clinic. After emergency surgery to remove not one, but two corn cobs, Bandit was allowed to go home. A few days later, the family noticed this pooch was not doing well at all. Bandit was rushed back to the animal clinic for surgery, but unfortunately did not survive.

The heartbroken family had to break the news to their 5-year-old son. This was absolutely preventable but happened because one group of people decided it was more convenient to chuck the cobs on the ground instead of into the bin. Makes one think twice, doesn’t it?

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Francis Howarth

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