Little Dog Invents Flying Scrunchie Game After Finding It In Mom's Drawer!

Little Dog Invents Flying Scrunchie Game After Finding It In Mom's Drawer!

Sugar is a playful dog with an independent personality. Although she enjoys playing, she usually prefers doing it alone without others getting involved. Her mom, Katerina Pope, describes her as “very playful but stubborn,” adding that “she wants you to pay attention to her playing, but doesn’t always want to play with you.”

While Pope was blow-drying her hair one fateful day, she left the bottom drawer where she kept her hair accessories open. Sugar, snooping around, found a scrunchie and took it. Although Pope saw her, she felt there was no harm in letting her play with it for a while. Unbeknown to her, Sugar would create a new game with it.

Narrating the incident, Pope said she was confused at first when the scrunchie suddenly flew past her face. She took it and gave it back to Sugar, but soon after; it happened again, and then again. The scrunchies haven’t stopped flying since then.

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Like the smart girl that she is, Sugar had discovered a way to make the scrunchie fly by pushing it down with her paws and pushing it up with her snout. She would chase it afterward, grab it, and do it again. The flying scrunchie excites her so much that she has abandoned all other games to focus on her invention.

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Pope says she has gotten more scrunchies for Sugar. Adding that, people rarely believe her daughter is obsessed with her scrunchies game until they see it with their own eyes.

Image Credit: Katerina Pope

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