Little Dog Rescued From Meat Farm Will Never Be Abused, Ever Again

Little Dog Rescued From Meat Farm Will Never Be Abused, Ever Again

The abuse and endangerment of dogs is incredibly prevalent and one of the most invasive of these offenses is the dog meat market.

An estimated 30 million dogs are killed for human consumption annually across Asia in a brutal trade that involves terrible cruelty to animals and often, criminal activity. While this is a tragic reality, there are people and organizations that have dedicated themselves to rescuing these dogs in need. Fanny is a little pup who had the meat markets marking her fate. Thankfully her story took a turn for the best.

Fanny is a Yorkshire Terrier who was one of many dogs under the clutches of the dog meat trade in South Korea. Dog meat is still an item of food in the country, with between a few thousand to one or two million dogs consumed per year. Fortunately, Humane Society International came to her rescue, retrieving her from the poorest living conditions.

The Humane Society International works around the world to combat cruelty to animals and to promote the human-animal bond. They have done admirable work in cracking down on dog meat markets in China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Dogs in meat farms are kept in small barren wire cages with no flooring. They receive no veterinary care and are kept close together until they are callously slaughtered, usually by electrocution or hanging.

Having evaded this terrible fate, Fanny found her forever home in a loving family who ensures her safety and celebrates her freedom regularly.

Image Credit: YouTube

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