This Is What It Looks Like When People Start Acting Like Dogs In A Dog Park!

This Is What It Looks Like When People Start Acting Like Dogs In A Dog Park!

You ever wonder what it would be like if humans were pups? Honestly, neither have I, but trust me when I say that knowledge is the comedy we never knew we needed!

This short film perfectly captures what it’s like being a pup at a pup park – if you’re also a human, that is! Every scene unfolding in this bizarre human-dog park is hilarious. Two people sniff at each other’s behinds, then immediately take off in a high-speed chase.

Don’t get me started on those chases either; if you’re not careful, everyone will chase each other in circles all at once! Meanwhile, a larger person steals a stick from a smaller one by the sheer force of intimidation – and apparently, the bigger the stick, the better! There always seems to be one person who doesn’t follow the others. In this case, a piece of pizza lays temptingly in front of everyone, and they gather around and sniff at it – but then someone grabs it straight off the plate and everyone decides to take off after him.

Meanwhile, one stays behind to do his own thing. And apparently, the same thing happens when one person plays fetch – everyone runs after the object but one, who prefers to groom. Hey, you do you! There are many more classic moments in the video – like when one person begins to howl, everyone quickly follows until a chorus of mismatched cries echo around the park. And let’s not forget that one guy who’s obsessed with digging, and the other who needs to hoard all the tennis balls. You’ll really find this video hilarious if you take your fur ball to the dog park regularly. Do like and share it – it’s sure to generate loads of laughs!

Feature Image Source: A2F Pictures

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