Lost Dog Journeys 50 Miles To Reach Old Home In Missouri!

When our precious pooches run away or go missing, we dog parents find ourselves embodied with a gut-wrenching feeling inside. That typical feeling where a wave of cold comes over you and you are not sure if you should panic, cry, run, or scream!

This was the situation that Cleo’s family found themselves in. Cleo is a Labrador Border Collie mix who recently moved with her family to a new home. One day, Cleo went missing and nobody knew where she could be! Back at the old house, the new house owners had moved in and were settled. Unexpectedly, they found a dog sitting on their front porch! Initially, the dog did not want to let anybody near her, but eventually, she allowed contact.

The new homeowners took this dog to the vet to check for a chip and thankfully she was chipped. The results came back and, low and behold, it was Cleo! It turns out Cleo had walked about 80 kilometers from her new home back to the old one! She had lived there for two years and ventured her way back. It goes without saying that everybody sighed at a feeling of relief when she was found and returned.

How she made the trip is still a mystery, as she would also have had to cross a river to make it back to the old house. I suppose one could say this determined dog had one mission in mind! Cleo goes to show what a phenomenal memory our canine companions have, and they truly do bond with the thing we do too!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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